Our school printing is done via a shared out MFD as in title on our 2003 32 bit server, all is well and fine with 32 bit win XP but the latest laptops been given to set up are 64Bit, so went and got the 64bit PCL6 driver from Panasonic site and installed it locally on the laptop, told it the IP of the printer, it goes through the motions, dissapears from the print que, says its done but no print appears at the printer. Printer is fine, I can ping it from the laptop and I installed the other printer a RICOH Aficio 5000 the same way and that works to a tee. Only difference was that the Ricoh drivers were found automatically by Win7 and the Panasonic one during setup did warn me they were not signed and did I still want to go ahead, which I did.
Any ideas as I am stumped what to do to get it going? Should there be something I need to check or untick somewhere? Cant be the server as it should be going direct to the IP as the share drivers are only 32bit and no option to add a win7 64 bit driver.