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Windows 7 Thread, Start Menu Slow in Technical; hi there I have recently installed windows 7 onto some computers and we are using mandatory profiles for some reason ...
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    Start Menu Slow

    hi there

    I have recently installed windows 7 onto some computers and we are using mandatory profiles

    for some reason the start menu seems to be a little slow and i have all disable all search policies in group policie etc.

    I think i am missing something in group policy, a setting is being applied somewhere that is causing the start menu to be a little slow. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for an icon to be highlighted.

    I was going to start by removing policies and seeing if this helps but i bet someone has had a simular issue before.

    If you have experienced this please help.

    It may be the mandatory profile itself however this works perfectly in my TS environment.

    Admittedly i havnt had change to compare policies that apply in my TS environment.

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    Check for dead links - this can cause a slow response.

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    With the mandatory profile (or more importantly the start menu element of it) does that load across the network? I have seen slow loading of the start menu when it is coming from a network location particularly when you have not enabled search indexing on the server it is coming from, and disabled the search service on the windows 7 client. Not sure exactly why this is the case, but we always try and use start menus loaded from the local machine even when using mandatory profiles to reduce network traffic and improve logon speed.

    If you need pointers to any of the settings for this please let me know.


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