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    Smart Board Service not starting

    We're having some issues with our USB smart board 680's, where the smart board service isn't starting when the user logs on, which causes the green LED to keep flashing and you can't use the pens to write. If the user runs the connection wizard, it starts the service, the LED goes solid green and the board jumps into life, but this isnít exactly ideal to run every time the board doesnít work.
    It's also worth pointing out that it is doesnít happen every time someone logs on.

    Has anyone else had the same problems and if so any solutions?

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    I've had this before, managed to resolve it by having the SMART tools load in the startup bit in the start menu.
    I believe that there's a feature to have that happen when the software is installed.

    I have also spoken to SMART about the problem before and they told me to have SMART 10 installed and make sure that the board soft/firmware is up to date...

    Hope that helps!

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    I have one board that does this, sometimes the service just randomly stops too.
    I just have a batch file run at logon and a copy on the users desktop to click if it decides to take a nap.

    Something along the lines of -

    net stop smartboardservicename
    net start smartboardservicename
    Just replace smartboardservicename with whatever its called!

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