Good afternoon,

I'm hoping somebody can help shed some light on this.

I am having some troubles getting the sync centre to work consistently. We recently rolled out a Server 2008 R2 server environment with Windows 7 (SP1) clients. Users have roaming profiles and redirected folders.

I followed a recommendation for setting up offline files whereby I disabled the use of offline files at the top level, and enabled it on the Laptops OU where I want offline files to be used. I set this as a machine setting as follows:

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Network > Offline Files

Action on Server disconnect (Enabled)
Allow or disallow use of the offline files feature (Enabled)
Subfolders always available offline (Enabled)

I am having all sorts of problems with the Synchronisation of redirected files on the clients not working properly. Sometimes the sync centre icon doesn't appear at all and then when I run it from the start menu it says no partnerships have been set up, even though the redirected folders should be synchronising. If I open the documents folder it says the files are always available (with the sync center icon next to it). If I go to the user's folder and right click it, the always available offline button is already ticked and the green sync center icon is displayed on the appropriate folders.

Other times it will appear to run fine for a while. The initial sync will happen without problems and the user will happily be using the laptop both in school and at home, then all of a sudden offline files will not sync back to the network and the sync center gets stuck on "sync pending". Sometimes I am able to get round this by right clicking the files in the documents folder and then going to sync > Sync selected offline files but other times I never get this option so cannot get the diles to synchronise.

Is there something I'm missing or need to do to get this working consistently for all my users?

Best regards