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Windows 7 Thread, Best tactic for users moving between 7 \ XP machines? in Technical; I've been reading a lot of the threads in here with interest over the past few months to get a ...
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    Best tactic for users moving between 7 \ XP machines?

    I've been reading a lot of the threads in here with interest over the past few months to get a feel for what we'd need to look out for when moving our users over to 7. Curriculum machines I'm not so worried about as they can all be done in one go but the staff machines are more interesting...

    I don't think it's feasible to do everyone in one go so was looking for people's experiences running XP and 7 side by side with users moving between both? Obviously there's the separate profiles, not too bad but does folder redirection play nicely or am I likely to hit the snags with desktop.ini doing silly things with Documents \ My Documents (one of the niggles I remember seeing)

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    I setup WMI filters and greate a seperate Windows 7 and xp user policy.

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    Kind of related ref windows 7 as previously was on xp, but just curious ( hopefully not hijacking this thread ) if there are one of the below things I can do and what people would suggest :

    1. Change settings somewhere to make windows 7 search work correctly
    2. Use a utility of some description to do the searching for files

    Currently I select a mapped network drive or even my local machine to try and find a file and

    1. It will take a very long time
    2. It will not find the file when I can on the odd occasion find it myself faster and also know that the file is there
    3. It is trying to search for something else other then files so need some way of specifying that it searches for files only, I don't need it to search through my emails or anything else

    4. When on windows xp at least it found all files with the anything in relation to what you were searching for, ok not very fast but it did find them after a few mins.

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