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Windows 7 Thread, Wireless Driver won't load via WDS in Technical; Hello everyone, I'm having a little problem here with a Lenovo X120E Netbook and my Windows 7 Image. I am ...
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    Wireless Driver won't load via WDS

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a little problem here with a Lenovo X120E Netbook and my Windows 7 Image. I am able to apply my image to the machine with no problem, but it doesn't seem to want to automatically load the driver for the wireless card. I have configured my Task Sequence to use the DriverGroup1=Windows 7 x86\%Make%\%Model% method and I can see in the BDD log file that it does in fact read the WMI info correctly. It then maps the correct path to where I have the driver stored in my Deployment Workbench and I can see in the log file that it copies it to the local hard drive while imaging, but it never seems to load once the image is finished. I can either load it by hand or use Windows Update and it finds the driver just fine, but I was trying to avoid having to do that with 60+ netbooks. So, anyone have any ideas why it won't load the driver? This is one area where I always seem to have problems, but I can eventually get it working on our other models, but this one just keeps not working. Any help or advice would be most appreciated as I am trying to have all of these done by tomorrow afternoon.

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    If you can verify that the driver is indeed being pulled down, but not installed, then maybe something with driver signing?

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    I agree. I am also thinking that it was more on driver signing.

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