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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 + Wireless + Radius in Technical; Hi, We've just brought a new set of laptops for the next intake. When we try and login to the ...
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    Windows 7 + Wireless + Radius


    We've just brought a new set of laptops for the next intake. When we try and login to the laptop (wirelessly) with either admin or non admin credentials we get a message saying "Connecting to Wireless" then after a few seconds it says "unable to connect to wireless. Logging on.." and then logs on fine.

    The way in which we have them setup is prelogon the machine authenticates to the radius server and recieves a DHCP addr from the guest scope (which has an expiry time of 1 hour). Which i know the machine is successfully connecting because it recieves GP updates etc. Then when the user logs in they get switched to there correct vlan, so it recieves another IP from the correct scope. Its between these two stages where it recieves this message.

    What is strange is we have been operating like this for the past year with no problems and if i take an older laptop which is in the same OU and has the same policies and is member of the same group .. it logs in fine.
    Also if i continue to login on the new laptops then the user recieves all the correct profile/policies.

    I should also add these laptops are a different make but they have the same image apart from drivers ofcourse.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Almost every problem I've ever had with wireless have been the drivers. Update them, or roll them back. Go to the chipset manufacturer's site to get the latest.

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