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Windows 7 Thread, Syncing Files and Folders - Windows 7 in Technical; Hi, We have an issue here that seems to occur more and more. Info :::: All students have a folder ...
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    Syncing Files and Folders - Windows 7


    We have an issue here that seems to occur more and more.

    Info :::: All students have a folder redirection policy for their my documents setup with 500mb of space. There is some policies in place to prevent saving of .exe and other unwanted files in a student directory.

    We give all students a windows 7 laptop device and we have a handful of windows 7 desktops around the academy. A regular scenario would be for a student to complete a peice of work on their laptop in one lesson and then more to the library to finish the work off on a desktop machine. They then often report to us that the file they have been working on ten minutes ago is not there. So we load up their laptop and on the sync icon is a red cross indicating there are errors. Unfortunatley students don't have access to the sync centre but what they can do is right click can select "Sync All". This then transfers the documents over to their network share and all is ok.

    But my question is what could be causing this? They have plenty of drive space remaining.

    Any help would be great.


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    Are they working online over a fast link when they are working in the classroom, it could be that offline files is detecting a slow link or not online so it won't sync the files. Are the laptops shared between users or single user.

    There are some GPOs to turn on sync over slow links which could sort it if you have many users on wireless. You can also configure more agressive syncing on actions using the policies like sync on standby etc which could help.

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