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Windows 7 Thread, roaming or mandatory profiles ??????? in Technical; hey ppl, I have a school of 1000 users. No user accounts yet. I'm thinking mandatory profiles for the students ...
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    roaming or mandatory profiles ???????

    hey ppl, I have a school of 1000 users. No user accounts yet. I'm thinking mandatory profiles for the students and roaming profiles for the admins/staff. I don't want users waiting forever for the logon process to complete. Need input. what are you running? how big is your network? what's logon times? also, any good tutorials on setting both profiles up? thanks

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    I'd say a lot of it depends on your "backbone". If your network isn't that pushed don't see much of a reason not to use roaming profiles (under the assumption you're redirecting documents in the first place). It's only really settings/appdata etc that's going to be moved.

    Guess it depends what you're after, quicker loading vs more "functionality" (argueable but hey). And depending how you're planning to setup a few seconds here or there on login time does it matter?

    :P Guess asking more what you're after from it, what your future plans are etc etc. Will any software etc need users to save settings? blahblah


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    I'm just setting up Windows 7 profiles at my school now, and I'm using mandatory profiles for the students, and roaming profiles for staff, with both profiles using folder redirection to shorten login times (among other reasons, obviously). While it's not completely finished yet (will be finalising and deploying over the summer), I'm currently seeing login times of approximately 60 seconds from login box to desktop, with roaming profiles, which is vastly quicker than our old Windows XP based system. If you're after a good tutorial, I found the ones at Microsoft Windows 7 Tutorials to be useful when I needed them.

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    man profiles for both, makes things so much easier

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