Hi guys,

Having issues with Windows 7 and sync centre, read a few threads and cannot find a definitive solution.

This is what I would like to achieve:

Staff laptops are taken home etc; they have redirected desktops / app data / documents etc. I would like to set it up so these locations are made available offline and synchronise as such.

The issue I have run in to is that it when applying the appropriate settings via GPO (automatically making redirect folders offline) it attempts to sync the root share rather than the individual’s files / settings.

For example:

Desktop is redirect to:


In sync centre, this will try and sync \\server\desktops, which obviously means it attempts to cache every single user desktop.

So my questions are:

Is there an easy way to resolve this, what am I doing wrong?

Can I set it up so I can explicitly state exactly what I want it to cache because we’ve also had problems with it automatically caching shares the user accesses?

Many thanks in advance.