Right, Hopefully this hasnt already been answered ( I have had a look around) and I hope this isnt going to make all the techs groan.
I have a situation we would like to resolve at work. We are on a 2008 domain and are going to be deploying 7 after the hols. GP is going well but we would like to change how the Desktop is redirected. At the moment it points to a shared location and staff cannot customise their desktops.
What we would like is a situation where staff can add and delete their own shortcuts, but also having a set of default shortcuts to things I define. I'm not 100% sure how to do this but do have some ideas, if anyone has done something like this before or know of a better way then please let me know!

Scenario 1
We redirect the desktop to a folder within their my docs folder (did this at my previous school and it worked like a dream), then using the files option in GPO Preferences to copy the shortcuts I want from a shared folder. I think this will work but we will have a lot of copies of these files. Also if there is a file that needs adding quickly the user will have to log off and log back on for the files to copy over again. I realise we can add individual files to the individual folders within their my docs but this isnt really scalable.

Scenario 2
We use the default profile / mandatory profile (we havnt decided which way we are going with staff yet) to set the default icons on the desktop. Again this will work but adding files to the desktop becomes even harder.

Scenario 3
Give up and browse the chive for many hours