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Windows 7 Thread, Running Individual Reports on Sims.net using Windows 7 in Technical; I have been having a problem for a few weeks now trying to run individual reports on Sims.net. Whilst the ...
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    Running Individual Reports on Sims.net using Windows 7

    I have been having a problem for a few weeks now trying to run individual reports on Sims.net. Whilst the reports are generating Sims.net stops responding and then closes down. I have resized the logos within the reports themselves so they are only roughly 10kb and that hasn't solved the problem. This problem only occurs on one type of machine which happens to have an AMD processor rather than a Intel processor. Could this be the problem? There isn't another AMD machine I could try so I was wondering if anyone else had experience this problem? If so how did you manage to fix it? If the AMD processor isn't the problem what else do you think it could be? Any help or advice would be much apprecitiated.


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    we had trouble running reports - not sure if related check Access control been set to minimum or turned off in GPO security settings

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    I think this is a problem with windows 7 and / or Office 2010, or some combo of the two.
    I had this a lot, and resetting the profile (roaming) in win7 seemed to fix it for a while. I presume it's the print process you have a problem with right?
    You can generate, preview, export etc. fine...?
    I don't know if it's worth moving this to MIS forum to get more eyes on it as it's a SIMS related issue, though i think the underlying problem could be something else.
    Using a non-roaming profile may help, and certainly an admin account, or ideally the administrator account, will help troubleshoot.
    I found that the files generate okay in temp format to "C:\users\<username>\appdata\local\temp" It's upon printing that the error occurs - can you confirm..?

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