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Windows 7 Thread, Access Based Enumeration for Start Menus in Technical; Hi, I have a room that currently has a number of 32bit Win 7 Ent computers and we are in ...
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    Access Based Enumeration for Start Menus


    I have a room that currently has a number of 32bit Win 7 Ent computers and we are in the process of replacing with Win7 64bit Ent computers in a phased apporach. Currently all students are mapped to a shared start menu via GPO and gives problems to a 64bit machine if the software is a 32bit application.

    I have read a few articles on here regarding the Access Based Enumeration and start menus for TS and have applied the solution to the computers. This has given me the correct start menu for students but the internet credentials do not seem to passing thorough from the AD logon as they are constantly requested to enter their username and password.

    I have applied the GPO Loopback with replace and merge but the same thing happens each time. I have also seen some inconsistency as the dictated wallpaper image does not get applied each time.

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    The problem is most likely the shortcut to internet explorer. The 64 bit IE in a 64bit OS is in the same location as the 32bit in a 32bit OS. By default you want to be launching the 32bit IE or you will run into a lot of problems with flash and things like this. You need to change any IE shortcuts in your redirected start menus or desktop from Program Files to Program Files (x86).

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