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Windows 7 Thread, Setting up a W7 installation for a domain in Technical; How do I go about setting up a Windows 7 install which will be part of a 2008 R2 domain? ...
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    Setting up a W7 installation for a domain

    How do I go about setting up a Windows 7 install which will be part of a 2008 R2 domain?

    Do I just perform a clean install, set up any software not to be deployed via GP, install updates etc (We do have WSUS being implemented this summer too but I'm guessing there is no harm in getting the image up to date locally?) then copy the profile across to 'Default User' so domain users get it? Once I've set up the profile and copied it across to 'Default User' can I remove the local account so there is just one 'Administrator' local account?

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    1. Get your Server 2008 R2 domain set first.
    2. Install software on Windows 7 that you will require.
    3. Create a profile you want to have as your mandatory profile.
    4. Set up GPOs and test after each setting is done.
    5. Rinse and repeat the GPO until you are happy.
    6. Take a snapshot image and blitz across your machines.
    7. Image the machines
    8. Network them up
    9. Sit back, light your pipe, admire your handiwork.

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    What nephilim said.

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