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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 + CC3 + DELL... Almighty headache in Technical; It is worth bearing in mind (for future reference) that Windows 7 isn't supported on RM CC3, so your only ...
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    It is worth bearing in mind (for future reference) that Windows 7 isn't supported on RM CC3, so your only options are to upgrade to RM CC4 or a vanilla setup sometime in the near future. Windows XP will be dropped by Microsoft in 2014, which isn't a million miles away, once you consider budgeting, planning and implementing Windows 7 clients.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cwizard View Post

    We have now received the Optiplex 390 model instead at a pretty good discount due to the issue.
    Not wanting to rain on your chips but the 390 does not build to CC3. You have to smartclient it. Guess what we were trying to do for a week and a half and what we now have sitting in a corner until we can find time to do them one at a time. Not a show stopper but a tad annoying.

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    Hi Cwizard,

    We have had the same problem with finding Windows XP Drivers. We have taken to buy refurbished computers or buying from companies such as Novatech as they ship their PC's with the XP Drivers on a CD. Our other solution for Teacher Laptop is to Install Windows 7 Join it to our Domain, make a few teak in the local GPO and install Virtual PC with a XP RM CC3 Machine inside a VM. This way it allows the teacher the ability to use the laptop at home and at work, with there not being any issues. Our staff are quit happy with this and it doesn't break the user profile or Windows 7.

    The Windows 7 Machine can't be used by Students use the Laptop as if they logged in it would break their user profile, but this is not usually an issue for us.

    Oh our tweaks are we only allow Local Profiles nor Roaming Profiles to be used on the computer and I think there is another setting we change but I will check (it's been soo long since I've built a Windows 7 machine).

    As for RM Kit it is good for Primary Schools but we have found it to be under powered and expensive when it comes to the higher specs, and we just can't afford it! If you open up some RM 1 and RM EcoQuiets you will find a Laptop Motherboards, yes we do open them up once they are out of warranty.

    Hope that this helps

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