Does anybody know if its possible using sysprep on a win7 machine to just copy the current logged on user to the default profile.
E.g Just installed some software with some per user settings and want to just copy the to default user.
I've made a sysprep.txt which acts as the unattend file. Don't rearm, copyprofile etc.
I've managed to supply the inforamtion for OOBE so I only get asked computer name (wan't to use this with many machines and product key).

As this is testing I havent activated win7. If you sysyprep on an activated win7 without generalize does win7 retain its activation?

So can I do this using sysprep without generalize ing? In order to retain domain membership also not lose my activation?

I'm just doing this with local profiles ont he workstation. No mandatory or roaming to think about.