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Windows 7 Thread, windows 7 strange home directory behaviour in Technical; Hi, we've recently rolled out some windows 7 machines into a windows 2003/xp environment. the win7 machines are picking up ...
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    windows 7 strange home directory behaviour


    we've recently rolled out some windows 7 machines into a windows 2003/xp environment. the win7 machines are picking up some existing folder redirection policies that apply to the existing xp machines, but a couple of odd things i've noticed. When browing the share which holds the user home directories from a win7 machine, from the letter m onwards it displays user home folders as a series of 'my documents' folders even though the correct user home folders exist on the windows 2003 file server.

    Perhaps even more unusual is that when a user updates a file in their network home folder on a windows xp machine, an up to the minute modified date of the file isn't displayed when they log in to view the file on a windows 7 machine, so it opens A version of the file but not the one with the most recent changes as modified from the xp box.

    i'm guessing the root of the problem here has got something to do with redirected folders, but then how does that explain the user not being able to see up to date versions of modified files from a windows 7 machine only. XP machines are showing the changes.


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    If you do a quick search there are plenty of topics on this.

    In answer to your question, if you have a 2003R2/2008/2008R2 file server the easiest way to go is just use FSRM to block desktop.ini on your home drives without notification

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    FSRM defo the easiest way to sort the problem.

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