Morning all, bit of an oddball problem.

I have a HP Colour Laserjet 3505 networked via a Linksys Print Server box in a suite of machines recently updated from XP to Windows 7. The printer is shared from a Windows 2003 server.
It wouldn't have been my first choice, but it's worked fine for years. Now Windows 7 is in place (using the universal driver which HP offers you when you ask for a Win7 driver), it proudly proclaims (in general tab of printer properties) that it doesn't support colour, even with additional/ universal drivers installed on the server

Remove the Print Server, USB it direct to one of the Win7 machines, and suddenly it's all happy.
Replace the linksys, use the same driver to add it as a local printer on the same Windows 7 machine via it's IP, and colour's off the menu again.


I've put in the obvious work-around of sharing it from the Windows7 machine with the USB connection, but having to have the machine switched on will cause confusion for my users (in fact they've just phoned me -confused already!

Any thoughts/ ideas, anyone?