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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 image capture in Technical; I have a reference computer built in VMWare workstation (windows 7x64) so it can be driver generic since this image ...
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    Windows 7 image capture

    I have a reference computer built in VMWare workstation (windows 7x64) so it can be driver generic since this image will be used on multiple computer models. I have mounted an iso as the CD drive to capture to SCCM. I am having issues getting the machine to boot so I can map a network share to the SCCM server to capture the image of the reference computer after running sysprep and shutting the system down. New to this whole process and have only done it once with assistance and the notes that were left behind were not inclusive of this portion of the process. Any help would be appreciated.

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    We use MDT here but the process is similar, I think that SCCM uses WDS so I would check on your deploy server and make sure that newrok boot is avalible. If there is a capture image then you should be able to set your VM to boot from the network then use the WDS capture image to grab an image. Take a snapshot first though as if Windows boots after the sysprep it will hose the image and you'll have to redo it as it will have started to specilize.

    The other option which I use is to just mount the VMDK, I use Hyper-V so you can just mount a VHD as a drive nativly but there is a tool to mount VMDKs on your server. You can then just use imagex.exe to run a capture of the system drive:

    imagex.exe /capture d: x:\yourimage.wim "Image name" "image description" /FLAGS "ENTERPRISE"

    The flags bit is important using either enterprise or proffessional depending on the version of Windos being captured. I think that you can then import the WIM into SCCM.

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