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Windows 7 Thread, Windows licence for Macs in Technical; Does anyone know where i can get cheap windows Licences from? The reason i ask is that we need to ...
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    Windows licence for Macs

    Does anyone know where i can get cheap windows Licences from?

    The reason i ask is that we need to dual boot 30 iMacs and we are due to enrol in the Microsoft EES program that would enable us to upgrade to Windows 7 on all out PCs

    As iMacs obviously dont have a Windows OS on, to be legal, i need to purchase them


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    As far as I know, as you're paying into a volume license agreement, with software assurance, Mac OS qualifies as an allowed OS to upgrade from. The software assurance also allows you to then dual boot.

    Qualifying for Windows Volume Licensing

    The clarification from the old Vista document isn't included in this document, but basically OS X is qualifying, and SA allows you then to run more than one OS on a machine.

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