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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 in schools in Technical; Originally Posted by sted they play together quite happily you just need to install rsat on a win7 pc to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sted View Post
    they play together quite happily you just need to install rsat on a win7 pc to edit win7 only policies
    Pretty much.

    Although we get away with it here and left the policies alone, just put windows 7 and all was well. There will be a few niggle things to tweak - I actually need to go back and recheck the win7 policies (I did them and killed the start menu)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    We had practically no software that would not run under it so for us it was not a big deal. Also consider how much this old software could be costing you in increased support burden and costs to buy older gear and software digging yourself a bigger hole for the future. Things die, its part of life and given the generation cycle of pcs your keping your 400 year old decrepid software on life support can't be an economic way to proceed in the long term.
    I agree all valid points, I still come across some 16Bit applications today and I agree they are irritating. Sometimes though there are some applications which may run absolutely fine on XP for example, but not Windows 7 and it's been discontinued (for whatever reason). Web applications are definitely the way to go, as generally speaking they're platform independent. In the past two years especially, I've noticed a lot of companies discontinuing products and converting to a web interface.

    It makes a lot of sense, as schools/businesses can use Windows, Apple, Linux and eventually Google OS to name a few.

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    I've said it before and will carry on saying it - it's a farce that anyone is still using 32bit operating systems and has been for the last 10 years at least. XP was going to be 64bit only. Then Vista was. 8 is certainly "supposed" to be 64bit only and I really, really hope it is.
    I will argue to anyone until I'm blue in the face that if their software isn't able to run in 64bit windows then they shouldn't be making software - period.

    There are going to be exceptions, for instance there's a good few 16 bit applications still floating round and certainly a few DOS programs to boot. People don't like change, which people like Microsoft know full well when trying to peddle their latest OS.

    The network I'm designing currently is entirely 64bit throughout and I'm just about to start the software testing phase. If we are going to move to Windows 7, I'd rather it be 64bit for the sake of future upgradeability - it wasn't long ago that "we'd never need more than 640k - we'd never need more thant 256mb of ram - we'd never need more than a gig of ram" etc. 3GB in the days of Photoshop CS4 (CS5 is 64bit only, worth pointing out!) video editing, sound manipulation, digital microscopy, etc isn't a huge ask and it's not difficult to see how many machines are being shipped with x64 out of the box.
    Of course the bonus with OS's like Windows 7 is that it won't hurt to use a mixture of 32 and 64bit machines - I'm already thinking along the lines of sticking with 32bit in the ICT suites and going 64 for the media suites.

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