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Windows 7 Thread, apply admin right to vbs script in Technical; I've just taken over at a Primary school that has a 2008 R2 Server and 90 win 7 clients all ...
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    apply admin right to vbs script

    I've just taken over at a Primary school that has a 2008 R2 Server and 90 win 7 clients all on static ip's.

    I need to enable DHCP on all machines and I was hoping to achieve this by using GPO.

    I have a bat files that runs netsh commands which works on XP and only works on win 7 when I 'Run as administrator' needless to say when I deploy it via GPO nothing happens.

    Is there any way I can run the script with the admin credentials?

    Thanks in advance


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    Are you setting it as a computer startup script in GP or a user logon script?

    My understanding of it is if it is applied by GP as a computer startup script it should be running with system privilages which should get the job done. If it still does not work I think you would need a vbs script that elevates its permisions before preforming the task.

    Hope this helps.

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