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    Windows 7 Navigation Pane!!!!!

    Hi All,

    For the past week i have been trying to find a way of stopping our students from being able to access the C:\users\%USERNAME% folder from the navigation pan in explorer.

    I then thought Iíd cracked it by hiding the favourites section. But now i found out that if you right click in the navigation pane and click "show all folders" it reveals them again.

    This is allowing some students that are clever enough to find out the ability to save games on the local machine as Iím using FSRM to disallowing those file types from their documents so they are trying to find a way round it.

    I want to be able to remove the navigation pane completely as i think itís pointless anyway. I've not needed it before so i guess we wouldn't miss it.

    I've also found a way to hide the navigation pane. But it just lets the user show it again from the organize menu.

    Does anyone know away i can do this?

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    There are registry keys you need to remove this link might help.


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    Or you can take a gander at the sticky thread "Windows 7 gotchas/tips" -> Windows 7 Gotchas/Tips/FYI

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