Whenever you print something in Windows 7 you get a print icon that shows up in the system tray which you can right click on and then open up the print queue window for that printer. From that window you can open up the printer properties which will allow you to see and change (if you have manage printer rights) all the printer ports that are on the machine.

I need a way to block users from getting to the printer properties and seeing all the ports. I am looking for a way to either completely block out the printer properties dialog (maybe software restrictions on a group policy) or a way to completely disable the system tray icon from coming up when you print something (without completely disabling the system tray). This would eliminate the entry piont into the printer properties for users.

I tried unchecking the "Show informational noticfications" check boxes under print server properties, it didn't make a difference. I also tried setting those settings in the registry , but that didnt change anything. Anyone have any ideas?