Anyone? At least anyone using an ISP like SWGFL (RM). I'm told that I can get two external IPs with no NOT but putting a server directly on the Internet gives me the willies anyway.

I asked SWGFL but they thought that it only required the 443 port. I know that if Teredo 6to4 fails the client can use IP-HTTPS to tunnel IPv6 through SSL but does that alter the servers need for two unrouted external IPs?

I also don't think I have a working PKI on my AD, I have no idea how or why I'd need this and could messing with PKI stop my domain working? (2003R2)

I also have no Server 2008 machines yet but as I have volume licensing and a vsphere that's not an issue. It just seems wastful to create manage and run 2 servers for a single feature.