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Windows 7 Thread, Unistal/re-install problems - please help! in Technical; My friends laptop(win7) had netintelligence on. He didn't have the log in details to disable it or uninstall it so ...
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    Unistal/re-install problems - please help!

    My friends laptop(win7) had netintelligence on. He didn't have the log in details to disable it or uninstall it so used Revo uninstaller and didn't check what was being removed.

    I have since obtained log in details and disabled through their website, but the problem is that since Revo, no web pages can be accessed accept Netintelligence home "due to web filter". (Where as before the allowed pages could be visited).

    I have now got the uninstall code so i can properly remove but the program cannot be reinstalled as windows says program is already installed.

    No restore point was created as no space was allocated for restores.

    I have searched manually for program/components as Add/Remove programs or Revo, or CC Cleaner can find any parts of program.

    I need to A: disable web filter on computer (disabled on netintelligence website)
    or B: make windows7 let me install although it thinks the program is already there.

    Would prefer A

    Have installed FireFox to try that and have checked internet settings but can find nothing to help.

    Any thanks would be greatly appreciated
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