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Windows 7 Thread, safely eject hardware hiding a device in Technical; is it possible to hide devices from this as ive done what i expected id always do sooner or later ...
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    safely eject hardware hiding a device

    is it possible to hide devices from this as ive done what i expected id always do sooner or later ejected my tv card (internal psi so why its even listed is beyond me) and had to reboot

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    A lot of cheaper PCI TV tuners are actually USB tuners with a PCI-USB bridge bolted on. Bizarrely it works out cheaper than a proper PCI implementation as only the dearer OEMs make actual PCI tuners.

    On XP you can use a registry hack to trick Windows into thinking a removable device is in fact non-removable, but it's not especially pretty and I have no idea if it works on later versions of Windows.

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