I'm currently trying to deploy windows 7 enterprise x64 with ghost. I'm having a little hard time.

At first, I tried doing so the old way (like in xp). Then, I found out that you can't copy a profile to the default user like we used too. I founded a program called "windows enabler" to fix that and everything worked. But then, I found out that with kms, doing only that isn't enought (and ghostwalker isn't enough).

I then tried to used sysprep /generalize /oobe with an unattended.xml file, but that didn't work (got error "setup was unable to complete, restart and try again" everytime I try /generalize).

I've read that I must make the image in audit mode. I then tried booting in audit mode, install everything then do a sysprep /generalize, still same problem.

I though it might be a specific software that's causing the issue so I tried simply entering audit mode, then running /generalize; failed again.

Someone told me that I simply have to use slmgr.vbs /rearm to force a cmid change but in the doc, it says I must use /generalize and skiprearm=0 in xml before doing that, so that mean I must already had a successful sysprep with generalize.

I don't know if there's any other way or if any of you could help me in those step, but simply, these are images I need to create for multiple classes at my school, I must be able to install every software, install the printer (still with 2003 AD so can't push from GPO yet), get all of the configurations in the default user then deploy it using ghost (or anything else you have to propose but we do have Ghost solution suite 2.5) to create/deploy on all other machine, with kms key.