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Windows 7 Thread, FREE Classic Menu for Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 in Technical; haha, to be honest i like the new menu system too. When we deployed 7 in the autumn term teachers ...
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    haha, to be honest i like the new menu system too. When we deployed 7 in the autumn term teachers complained no end at how different it was and how difficult it was use. Naturally students had no issues whatsoever, but guess who SLT listens to....

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    Ignore them, it's not possible without butchering the OS. They'll have to get used to it eventually when they get new computers at home or go to other schools/companies.
    Every single change you do will have some people up in arms. If you listened to them all the time you'd still be on Windows 3.11 :P

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    I said we had to move to Win 7 as we shortly could have kids coming to us who had not seen Win XP. Plus we need to prepare students for what they will meet in the outside world.
    Also this is a third party app that is not from Microsoft. What are you going to do when the next windows update kills it?

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    I like the new windows 7 theme personally, and i agree i don't think it should be sent around site wide they should stay with the windows 7 theme because as you say that is what they would get elsewhere.

    I posted this generally on the terms i know some people would like to use it but i'd aim it at there own machines not deploying this site wide.


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    I always take the stance that "if thats how [it] is then thats how it is". Learn to use it, as when you go on someone elses PC you arnt going to have windows classic theme are you?

    Besides, Windows7 is soooooooooo much quicker to use than previous versions. Start + type wo + enter = word. What could be simpler than that?

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