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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 GPO Share in Technical; Hi all, We are looking at moving to Windows 7 in the near future and having very little time to ...
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    Post Windows 7 GPO Share

    Hi all,

    We are looking at moving to Windows 7 in the near future and having very little time to sit down for development I was wondering if anyone is kind enough to share some GPOs or know of any good starting templates.

    As most people using this forum are managing school ICT, I was thinking someone out there must have a working GPO with the normal kind of things locked down such as restricting Control Panel access to Personalization settings etc, and all the other security loops the students and staff try to get round. I have started making my own but with literally hundreds of options its becoming a daunting task. I appreciate everyone will do their GPO slightly differently, but even a good locked down starting point would enable me to then start testing applications etc and then start opening anything up that is necessary for our school.

    If anyone is able to help me I would really appreciate it. Also to people that have already got a Windows 7 environment running how are you doing profiles are you going down the mandatory or roaming way?



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    A lot of it is really down to personal preference and what your local policy is. Something that might be easier for people to contribute to is a more general list eg.
    No access to control Panel
    Cannot change wallpaper
    Remove search
    deny access to CMD line

    You can then use this as a template to investigate all the groups of settings you need to tackle.

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