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Windows 7 Thread, Two Issues with Windows 7 logins in Technical; I havent had chance to test it yet, Ill give it a go tomorrow. winlogon is the GDR version but ...
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    I havent had chance to test it yet, Ill give it a go tomorrow.

    winlogon is the GDR version but I have no idea what that means!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84 View Post
    I havent had chance to test it yet, Ill give it a go tomorrow.

    winlogon is the GDR version but I have no idea what that means!
    Because this patch has come out after previous hotfixes it will include those previous fixes as well. GDR means critical previous patches and LDR includes that plus more less critical generally tested patches I *think*

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    Hi there,
    Part of the reason the default profile grows if building a reference machine is because the default location for %TEMP% and %TMP% is actually in the profile (APPDATA folder) and the contents of this folder gets copied to any newly created profiles if you dont empty it before running sysprep. It fills up because it is used by program installers to copy the installation files to temporarily during an install. The more programs you install on your reference machine the more files and msi installers are left behind in the temp folder of the default user profile.


    Before you run sysprep be sure to delete everything inside this folder and you will see your profile size shrink dramatically. Also watch out for plugin msi installers that leave an msi backup file of themselves within the profile in case they need to "heal" themselves by doing a re-install/repair.

    Offenders include the Adobe Reader plugin and the Sun Java JRE or JDK. These guys copy 100+Mb msi files into your default profile appdata folder and balloon its size away up.
    If you have a fixed software profile for your student machines and you wont be repairing apps during term time etc then it is ok to delete these msi files from the appdata folder before running sysprep. It's worked for me to reduce the profile size from several hundred Mb's down to 55 Mb.

    ps I'm not talking about the temp folder above I'm talking about their respective installation folders under appdata. They are in either locallow or roaming, I can't remember which.

    Another tip I would give you to narrow down your slow logon would be to turn on the verbose logon / logoff status messages group policy. (It's in the computers section under system.) This will tell you what windows is doing in the background instead of just the "welcome" message and spinning circle.

    I find that "waiting for user profile service" and "preparing desktop" seem to take the longest time for new profiles being set up.

    Another issue I have seen is that user accounts with a network home folder take longer to log in (can be up to a minute longer) than an account with no network home folder. There is a group policy which is set to a 30 second wait by default for the network home folder to become available/ready. Reducing this value "may" reduce your logon time.
    I can't remember what exactly it is called right now sorry.
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    If you are sat there with a rotating "welcome", maybe you could turn on Verbous Logging, so you can see what it is actually doing instead of the "welcome" ?

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