We've just turn our CC3 system into a Vanilla 2008R2 and Windows 7 network, and despite having many (many) issues, which I'll post up in another thread, I'm finally reasonable happy with the network, apart from this one issue.

First some background, each student's My Documents is redirected to their home path, which is set to an individual hidden share on the network, so Joe Bloggs is redirected to \\server\bloggsj$, and this is mapped to the Z:\ drive as well. Students can't see the C: drive, and have access to an M: (Common) Y: (Homework) and Z: (Documents) drives. They all use a mandatory profile, and if there are using hard wired desktops, problems are kept to a minimum.

However, we have one ICT room that is using an old switch, and a fair few laptop trolleys, and this is where the problems start.

Problem #1 Students seem to be getting other students My Doc redirected to them. bloogsj get cobaink my Documents, but bloggsj mapped on the Z: drive. This is an obvious concern!

Problem #2 Students create a file in an Office 2007 program, and try to save and, and get either "Z:\Doc1.docx is currently in use. Try again later." Or "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error." and then offers to create a Rescue.asd, which it does, on the Z: drive

Students have complete access to the Z: drive, they can save the work onto a flash drive and copy it into their My Documents, they can create other types of file and save them just fine, it is purely that Office 2007, when connected on a slow network, will, occasionally, completely refuse to save onto a network drive. This is happening to 2-3 students every time laptops or the older ICT suite is used.

Things I have tried:

1, I've made the Web Client service run at start up automatically

2, Turned off the Windows Search service, thusly disabling indexing of Network drives

3, Added My Documents to the Trusted Locations in Word and Excel

4, Turned off On Access scanning on the server (not too happy about that)

None of the above has had an effect, as today we had the exact same issue. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this problem, I would be really grateful!