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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 - Firewire DV Capture from Camcorders in Technical; We've been trying to capture video footage over firewire from a variety of camcorders and so far everytime I've tried ...
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    Windows 7 - Firewire DV Capture from Camcorders

    We've been trying to capture video footage over firewire from a variety of camcorders and so far everytime I've tried to do it on Windows7 the capture either fails or crashes out. I've tried using Corel VideoStudio and Movie Maker but neither seem to work with any camcorder we have under Windows7. The cameras themselves seem to be getting picked up by Windows7 as it detects them and appears to install the driver OK but Windows seems to be unable to interface with them properly to capture the footage.

    We've used the same camcorders with the same hardware/software on WindowsXP and it works fine?

    Is there some kind of option you need to check or driver you need to install in Window7 to make firewire cards work when capturing Digital Video? One thought I had was that fiewire does add itself as a NIC interface so I wondered ifthat might be causing issues? I've not tested disabling it yet to see if this resolves the situation.

    Has anyone else encountered similar problems when trying to capture DV over firewire in Windows7?

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    A solution was found, in Windows 7 when no audio devices are connected windows disables sound. This was causing the firewire capture to fail until you plugged headphones/speakers in.

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