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Windows 7 Thread, Laptop is making PC temorarily disappear in Technical; I have a laptop running windows 7 and connecting to my home wifi network, which accesses file shares and other ...
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    Laptop is making PC temorarily disappear

    I have a laptop running windows 7 and connecting to my home wifi network, which accesses file shares and other services running on my PC (running windows server 2008 R2)

    The PC provides DNS, DHCP for the wireless network.

    Occasionally this laptop will not be able to access the PC, through any means - it fails to ping or nslookup, despite other clients being able to.

    The PC its self is able to ping other clients but not the laptop. Making me think this must be a client side issue, strangely after a indeterminable amount of time the PC 're-appears' and everything works as normal.

    I'm not sure why this is happening and short of reformatting this laptop (not that i mind) but i am more curious to find out why its happening.

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    Is there anything else that could be providing ip addresses via dhcp? (router/switch etc), what IP addresses/netmasks are you using? are you pinging via a hostname, or an ip address?

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    What router are you using? I ask because I had a Linksys not too long ago that did weird things with particular clients.
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