Hi there,

Currently running backup exec 2010R2 on our file server

3 drives on the file server are iSCSI volumes, each iSCSI volume comes off a separate port on the NAS, each one is configured to use a different subnet, in this case:

The file server has two network connections, one to the same subnet as all the servers, and another connection the iSCSI comes in on with an IP of

When running a backup through backup exec the backup of exchange, vmware hosts etc is all nice and quick (2000-2500mb/min) but as soon as it hits the backup of 2 of these 3 (only 2 are backed up) volumes it hits a sudden decline down to 500mb/min which is woefully slow!!

Now that I've looked over the settings, i know it's not setup efficiently and i could switch it around to be much better.......naturally i work all this out the day the kids come back so I can't actually do any of it right now!! >_< but even with that in mind it shouldn't be going 500mb/min, does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?