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Windows 7 Thread, mapped netlogon drive N: in Technical; Hi It appears that netlogon drive is being mapped to N: on the win7 machines we have. I have not ...
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    mapped netlogon drive N:


    It appears that netlogon drive is being mapped to N: on the win7 machines we have.

    I have not setup this map in any logon script and wondered why windows would map it as a network drive. The N: drive.

    Seems strange and I dont really want people having the netlogon drive so easily viewable with all its contents, even if its read-only.

    Anyone come accross this?

    Thanks a lot

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    Ohh I had something like this randomly on some Win XP machines. Never figured out what was causing it so I scripted the login scripts to unmap it. Win2K8R2 servers if that's relevent.

    OK I realise that's not helpfulll but I didn't want you to feel alone.

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