Hi guys,
No matter what I do, I can't seem to get our Windows 7 logon speed down below 30/40 seconds when a user first logs on to a system. Second logon is around 5 seconds, but that's because they already have a profile created on the system.

Problem is, since students/teachers move around so much every logon is a "first logon" and whist 30 seconds may not seem much, it can occasionally take longer and at the start of a lesson I can see it being really annoying, given that our current Windows XP first logon is around 12 seconds

Our users profile is created from a netlogon\default user.v2 profile that I created and uploaded properly as per the new MS guidelines for making a default user.
I have very little policy set currently, only a few folder redirections that are required. (My documents/start menu/desktop) I have set the logon information to verbose via policy and it all zips past fairly quickly, the longest part is the "preparing your desktop" at the end.

I am wondering if this speed is to be expected, considering that the machines we have 7 on are around 3/4 years old now. (Pentium 4 HT/2gb ram) or if I'm doing something wrong and can squeeze the logon time down even further.

I am aware that there is a windows 7 logon speed bug relating to having a solid colour set as the background, but I've ruled out that being an issue as we have a .jpg background set and even with the hotfix that MS provide, it doesn't seem to speed up