I don't have a particular problem with the libraries, there are a few niggles that I was wondering if anyone can help me with.

1: The document Library shows the users documents and the public ones. Some GP based security chnaged means I can prevent access to them but I'd prefer it not to show the shared library. Any ideas how to remove them?
2:It would be nice if the if the users couldn't create more libraries, can they be prevented?
3: Is it possible to remove the "Share Folder" item from the context menu? I've been trying to break it and I am not sure they can actually share anything due to other restrictions but I'd like to take away their ability to try.

Oh and is there an easy way to remove "Restore Previous Versions" context menu item. I've found a bit of a reg hack that might do the job but I'm not convinced by it and I was wondering if anyone KNEW.