I've seen a lot of discussion on here about desktop backgrounds, I thought I'd share what we are doing. Not sure if this is the right forum, so mods please feel free to move it if you think this is better elsewhere.
Before summer I was in a meeting to discuss issues with visually impaired children. One point that arose was that there are a large number of students with minor visual impairments which fall under the radar of getting specific help, but would benefit from altering their desktop. Depending on the visual impairment, there are a multitude of different recommendations and things need to be tweaked to an individual pupil. Anyway, after some discussion the recommendation was that we allow all pupils the ability to change their desktop theme and background, plus have access to the accessibility tools.
At first I was horrified at the idea, as like any Network Manager we like to keep things under control etc. The more I thought about it though, I couldn't think of any good reason why we can't do it. Yes, it means you can't use mandatory profiles, but with folder redirection including App Data (which seems to work fine in W7) I don't have a problem using roaming profiles. It also overcomes a lot of the niggles that occur with W7 in forcing a particular background.
I also felt that letting them do this would give them more ownership of their desktop environment, which I thought would be a good thing to do.
We have set up a naughty group, so if they are stupid with it they get their desktop locked.
So, after discussing with SLT and SEN, that's what we will be implementing.