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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 sync center in Technical; hi we are looking to upgrade some teacher laptops to win7. I have been playing with it and all ok ...
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    Windows 7 sync center


    we are looking to upgrade some teacher laptops to win7.

    I have been playing with it and all ok except....

    I cant get sync to work. I right click on their home drive and select always available, then it shows on the bottom 'bar' in computer as available on line and available off line.

    I give it an hour to sync, although it was not obviously doing anything!

    I then pull network cable out and all folders in users my docs are greyed out except fot two.

    If i click on a greyed one it says something similar to access denied. The non greyed out ones areworking fine.

    Has anyone got this working? How?

    whats going on with my laptops?



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    Offline files works like a dream on win 7 compared to Xp. You have to ensure that the user areas are enabled for offline caching, and without any tinkering with offline files setteings in computer or user group policy should work automatically.

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    Press Windows and X then click sync... clicking the spinny-green/yellow icon then takes you into the sync progress which helps you troubleshoot problems.

    Handy hint... if you are using a Sun Storage box or NetApp filer for your storage, make sure that OpLocks are enabled.

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