So whats the best way of doing appdata with the mandatory profile?

After I made the mandatory profile (I did lanch every program to get all the appdata files made)

Now everytime I lanch for example serifi web plus I get 'Cant find c:\user\student\thenwhatever'

I have even loaded the registry onto my computer and removed the word student from the registry (Done a search) and replaced it with %USERNAME%

Noe everytime I load serif webplus it says 'Cant find c:\user\%USERNAME%\thenwhatever'

This is just with documents and desktop redirected (Start Menu loads from the profile)

Any ideas?
Should I just not open the programs during creating the profile? and then let it be running like that?

gussing it should create the files needed when a student opens it on their user folder. Then there user folder will get deleted during logoff, has the policy clears this.