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Windows 7 Thread, Cloned Windows 7 and now it needs activating again? in Technical; Hi guys, I recently did my first Windows 7 / Server 2008 setup (a small 20 PC ICT Suite). I ...
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    Cloned Windows 7 and now it needs activating again?

    Hi guys,

    I recently did my first Windows 7 / Server 2008 setup (a small 20 PC ICT Suite). I used Acronis trueimage to clone the Windows 7 PCs .

    The PCs are running Windows 7 Pro and I activated using the volume key we purchased from Ramesys. When I restored the images, the new machines needed activating again!

    I then had to go round and activate all the machines again online. This worked but it is not ideal. I would just like them to stay activated like they used to in Windows XP.

    Hopefully their is a simple solution to this?


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    Are you sysprepping the image?

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    Although I have not upgraded to 7 yet from what I understand even with volume licensing 7 computers have to regularly check the license is valid, I think at least every 180 days. You either need to do this over the web or run a licensing server on your lan for them to check themselves against.

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    Were you using KMS keys or MAK keys, as you only have 20 stations and need at least 25 for KMS to kick in and activate your systems from a local server you will need to use MAK keys, these instead authenticate against the Microsoft servers every 180 days (configurable). Also as has been said above if they were syspreped then it will reset the activation state so you would need to activate them again. I'd check on the type of key that your supplier gave you and make sure that you get the MAK keys off them so that you can do individual activations.

    KMS is easier but you need at least 25 Windows 7 clients for it to work, with KMS there is no need to enter keys as it will just grab them automagicly off the server.

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