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Windows 7 Thread, Local Mandatory Profile, StartMenu & Desktop in Technical; Ok guys can you help me out here, im trying to change our network from network Mandatory Profile & Redirected ...
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    Local Mandatory Profile, StartMenu & Desktop

    Ok guys can you help me out here, im trying to change our network from network Mandatory Profile & Redirected StartMenu & Desktop to Local Mandatory Profile, StartMenu & Desktop. This is for windows 7, we should be using xp for much, until our new computers get here. so not worried about xp at the momment

    To tell you what I have done

    Step 1- Copied the network mantory profile to the root of the C drive. And gave the folder correct permssions (Read writes for everyone and read and write
    for the admins)

    Step 2- Copied the shortcuts from the startmenu and desktops for that perticular room from the server that normally gets redirected (loopback) into the desktop and startmenu folder that is in the profile.

    Step 3- Created A new OU with this computer I tested, so it didnt have any loopback policys enabled.


    Profile loads fine, but I could delete desktop shorcuts and delete them from the recyle bin. I did look at the new profile it created/copied form the man profile, and did notice it had had full rights for the folder, so it doesnt gets it right from the man profile, how do you change this? Or am I gonna have to redirect the desktop it a local desktop folder?

    Startmenu still has the Accessories folder, which in that has the Internet Explorer No addons shortcut, also it had one or two more shortcuts that shouldnt be there.

    The user I test with the man profiles, created its own new profile, like it should, but when the user loged out, it didnt delete the profile, has it should, because we have delete profiles of at logoff in the group policy

    Another question - Do I need to make a local copy of application data for users? We havent got this redirected or anything at the momment
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