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Windows 7 Thread, UltraVNC + Windows 7, your configurations? in Technical; How do you lot who have ultraVNC working perfectly under windows 7 have your computers + VNC settings setup? UAC ...
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    UltraVNC + Windows 7, your configurations?

    How do you lot who have ultraVNC working perfectly under windows 7 have your computers + VNC settings setup?

    UAC on / off?
    Aero effects on / off?
    Video driver installed?
    Could you give me a screenshot of your admin properties screen?
    Could you give me a screenshot of the other properties screen?
    Are you running 32bit or 64bit?
    What version of uvnc are you running?
    does screen blanking/turning user inputs on/off work properly?

    I seem to be alone in having many problems with it (i had it working fine on a previous image but my latest one it's broken and can't get it to work right ever since)

    EDIT: As a side question: i want to turn aero off, but i don't want to go as far as setting everything back to the horrible grey classic view, what setting in group policy do i need for that? i know where the GP is but i don't know what to set it to
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    I only swapped to 7 yesterday - the first in the school to test it. We're looking to change over sometime this year. UltraVNC seems to work ok for me, although I haven't tried blanking the monitor yet- I'll do that next time and let you know how it goes!!

    The only issue I have is that every time I log in it has a message about there being no default password set. this always came up in xp the first time, but I would aknowledge the error and it would take me in to set one. After that, it would not bother me again. trouble is, when I click ok on the message in win7, it just disappears. Until the next time I log in!!!

    Other than that, ok so far!!

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