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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 Domain problem in Technical; Hi, Sorry could of put the title better! Windows Server 2003 with mainly XP Clients and 1 WIN7. A teacher ...
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    Windows 7 Domain problem

    Sorry could of put the title better!

    Windows Server 2003 with mainly XP Clients and 1 WIN7.

    A teacher with a WIN7 Pro Laptop logs in within school it loads her profile no problems, but when she logs in at home (outside the network, no DC) its not grabbing the locally stored copy but instead creating a temp one(or loading the default user)?

    Any suggestions, obviously users with XP are not experiencing this issue. Just this 1 WIN7 user.


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    Does the group policy applied to it specify to delete the locally cached copy of roaming profiles on logoff? This setting did not apply correctly on XP but actually worked on Vista and higher which could be causing your issues.

    I would also try rebooting the laptop then wipeing the local copy of the profile. After that run the checks in this post [Solution] Vista Always Loads with Temporary Profile for Specific User Account to make sure there is not still backup profile keys causing issues. Once these are wiped, reboot, logon and have another go.

    I would also check the group policies applied to the laptop itself and make a new one just for Vista/7 using the Windows 7 RSAT tools as old XP policies can contain all sorts of setting that have been known to cause weird issues also. Just search this forum for any of my posts regarding group policy "WMI filtering" if you need more information on splitting the policies.
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