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Windows 7 Thread, Sims and PARS in Technical; So has anyone got sims or pars running on win 7 iv got sims running from what i can see ...
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    Sims and PARS

    So has anyone got sims or pars running on win 7 iv got sims running from what i can see not throughly used it u=yet but cant seem to install pars as its trying to install it to docs and setting all users which is now known as public any suggestions

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    Everything in SIMS except Nova T4 (maybe T6) works fine on windows 7, the reason NOVA T4 doesnt is because its a 16 bit application.

    With that said only yesterday I recieved an email saying SIMS will be fully supported on Wndows 7 through the next patch. But we'll give that a few weeks while its fully tested before we go full windows 7 for office staff.

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    Got PARS on windows 7 here and absolutely no problems, installed via GP/MSI to stations and the PARS upgrades on the S: drive.

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