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Windows 7 Thread, Putting a machine into audit mode in Technical; We are trying to get our heads around using Win 7 on our network (we skipped Vista completely) I have ...
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    Putting a machine into audit mode

    We are trying to get our heads around using Win 7 on our network (we skipped Vista completely)

    I have spent some time setting up a Win 7 machine to work the way I like, but I could not get it to Ghost. The reimaged machine kept failing to boot.

    So I did a bit of investigating and came accross Brian Lee Jackson's guide to syspreping a Windows 7 machine. I started to follow this and have made a Sysprep XML file, but as part of the guide I am required to reinstall Windows. I dont want to do this as I have spent a bit of time setting up the machine.

    So what I want to know is - Can I put my working Windows 7 machine into audit mode without reinstalling Windows 7? If so how? or should I bite the bullet wipe my machine put into into audit mode and reinstall all of the software.

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    Audit mode is part of sysprep - We use it to ensure the drivers arent stripped out
    Once in audit mode you can remove any temporary programs, users, etc then rerun sysprep choosing OOBE - which then properly syspreps the PC

    Once in Audit Mode - it will remain in Audit mode until you use Sysprep with OOBE..

    Once syspreped and the WIM file is created (either by WDS or a WinPE Disk) you can reboot the PC and run thru mini-setup - no need to reinstall Windows 7

    We upload the WIM to WDS during capture then run mini-setup, then using the link below, we make a customer Boot DVD of the image for laptops (usually uses 2 DVDs)

    Bootable WIM Image

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