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Windows 7 Thread, Network computers displaying.. in Technical; Not so much a problem as it is a nuisence... Windows 7 PCs Server 2008R2 DCs Multiple Vlaned network Administrator ...
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    Network computers displaying..

    Not so much a problem as it is a nuisence...

    Windows 7 PCs
    Server 2008R2 DCs
    Multiple Vlaned network
    Administrator accounts

    With the above in mind, we only seem to be able to see what is on the Vlan we are on when you goto network in the start menu, we can't seem to see across other subnets, Strange thing is it works occasionally, but most of the time not, anything anyone can suggest i look at to enable me to see everything without having to search for it?

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    Could be wrong here but I seem to remember that Network Discovery on Windows uses broadcasts to discover computers and populate the networks folder, as such I doubt you would be able to configure it to see across other subnets.

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    Do you have WINS configured? Is so, is it working OK (take a look in the WINS management console to see what computers are registered)

    As @Dan40007 says, network browsing can use broadcast stuff but if WINS is working then the client should contact the master browser to get a list of computers.

    WINS is not totally reliable - it's possible for random machines to elect themselves as master and if that happens then they won't know what machines are out there and you won't see the right results.

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