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Windows 7 Thread, Cursor Snap Back in Windows 7 in Technical; I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not as I am new to this ...
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    Cursor Snap Back in Windows 7

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not as I am new to this forum. My wife just had a smart board installed a couple of weeks ago and everything worked fine until last Friday. I have not seen the problem first hand but she says the cursor on her computer keeps snapping back to the start button. The people at school have tried several things from a new mouse to doing a hard restart to doing a recover of the computer. I am more of a Mac person so my suggestion was to call tech support. Could this be a communication error between the smart board and the PC or is it a Windows 7 issue with the smart board? Thanks for your responses.

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    1st I would get her (if possible) to connect another pc/laptop to the board, that way you can find out what is at fault, machine or board.

    If Board could it be there i pressure applied to the bottom left of the board (where the start button is?)

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    Check the smartboard near where the start menu is displayed
    check that there is nothing stuck therea.

    Damn beatern to it :P

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    As others have said, anytime I have this problem it is because something is touching the board

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