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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 upgrades. Which OS first? in Technical; Originally Posted by Michael As well as a lot of planning and testing, it's also worth evaluating the needs of ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    As well as a lot of planning and testing, it's also worth evaluating the needs of a school as to whether upgrading to Windows 7 would be beneficial. In my view I'm in no rush to deploy Windows 7 to a live network, although creating a test network is well worth setting up. XP is supported until 2014, so in this time frame specs of machines will become more powerful and Windows 7 will be a more mature OS.

    Remember later this year Google's OS will hit the streets too so who knows how this could change the outlook for future upgrades. Initially I suspect Google will target laptop/netbook users but then at some point education and businesses, which theoretically would require a Google Server OS of some kind.
    Planning is something the network manager of a school I used to work at a few years ago missed out. They decided to upgrade from Windows XP and office 2003 to Vista and 2007 over a half term holiday .The staff came back in and didn't know how to use office. They couldn't get their way around Vista. The students were even worse. ALot of schemes of work had to be re - written almost over night to compensate for the change in software... OOPS !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenWonder View Post
    We had no intention of using Vista after testing it. Windows 7 isn't even that much of an improvement in my opinion but I would consider that upgrade next.

    Problem is as we run all Xp/2003 server its a new load of CALS as well (no schools agreement here!) and loads of missing drivers/incompatible applications in Windows 7 so a gradual migration will be on the cards with the newer machines getting Windows 7, and the older ones staying on XP until they're replaced.
    I like this idea...

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    We went in at the deep end after last years near-disasterous upgrade to Vista..
    I delayed building our servers and clients and waitied for Win7's release as field trials had gone very well

    So well in fact that 99% of our printers now work instead of about 10% under vista
    In fact someof the printers that refused to run in Vista went in first time for Windows 7..

    Added to the mix was the new PCs for staff - so they went straight from Windows XP to Windows 7 - seamlessly - well after a brief intro to the new interface

    This has been the first year where we have only had to re-image a small number of machines, compared with XP/Vista...

    Also - We seem to have impressed RM - as they are not rushing to install CC4 here in September - instead they are willing for us to keep our setup and they will support it

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